Before knowing CANASUC products, you may never have come across this choice of colour in your sugars, except perhaps for the brown lumpy sugar of the famous Bird’s Nest brand?

And yet cane sugar offers a beautiful variety of colors that we wanted to make you discover. This change in colour is linked to the degree of refining of the sugar cane juice. The whiter the sugar, the more refined it is.

White sugar is a 100% refined sugar, that is to say that the molasses that contains vitamins and minerals has been extracted from it to keep only the sugar (saccharose). Its taste is neutral. And contrary to popular belief, white sugar can be made from beet or cane!

Amber sugar is partially refined, it contains a little more fibre than white sugar, and its taste is slightly stronger. The sweetness of its colour, which can sometimes be close to golden, gives it its raison d’être in our assortments.

As for ebony sugar, it retains its pretty gingerbread colour because it contains more sugar cane fibre residue, which also gives it a taste different from white sugar, which is a little caramelized. Its granulometry is also larger, as you can see on our products, the grain size of ebony sugars is larger.

And the coloured sugars, you might say? That will be the subject of another little sugar story…