Our history

It is at the beginning of the 90s that Pierre Bosc-Bierne discovered the candy stick. A love at first sight for this shiny object, which replaces the spoon in the hot drinks, gives him the idea to adapt it to espresso. The little sugar cane will give the brand its name. CANASUC takes shape and quickly becomes the creator, manufacturer and distributor of a range of innovative sugars: candy cane sugar sticks, decorated sugars and the moulded sugar, a CANASUC exclusive.

Our know-how

It all starts with a drawing, a flower, an animal, a symbol. Then comes the implementation. Several prototypes – sometimes dozens – are necessary to obtain the perfect shape; not the one that will faithfully render the pattern of the drawing, but the one that will visually create the impression the drawing makes. Next, the work of work comes into play. This know-how, the result of more than 25 years of experience at Canasuc, is a well-kept secret, an alchemy that results in real works of art. A process entirely made in France, during which the sugar, white, amber or ebony, is shaped by hand. The experienced eye accompanies the gesture to know with which force to press, when to stop; then drying takes place, a slow operation that will end with the demoulding. Instant of discovery where precision and consistency of gesture compete.